The Mixed up files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler

Okay! I love this book, so I decided to do it, I know that’s a bit of a no brainer but, well, I am weird like that. So I just finished reading it this afternoon. And it was good, as always.

This book is about two kids, Claudia and Jamie, who run away to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (The Metropolitan Museum of Art is in New York City, New York, USA.) There they find them selves in a number of interesting, creative situations and ultimately end up at Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler’s home.

This is a book written quite a few years back, actually, written in the 1960’s. However, the author (E.L. Koingsburg, if you are wondering) does a very nice job of modernizing it, so that you are able to imagine that it could have happened last year. The characters ELK creates are solid, imaginable characters. The characters pull you slowly into the story so you are transfixed by them at the end. In addition to the characters, the place where they go, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is interesting in itself. But what the children find, “Angel”, as it is called, I won’t give away any more, leads them to the most interesting part of their escapade.

A timeless book, it is not a novel, just a nice, short read.

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The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey

I feel so bad!! I haven’t blogged for forever…. So I feel like I owe all of you a blog post.

Oh, and if you haven’t read the first book this will make no sense to you. So, I advise that you read the first one first. It’s okay, I won’t change this post while you’re reading it. Or you can read it anyway. I don’t care. I did write about the first one.

I chose to write about the second Mysterious Benedict Society book. I read this quite a while ago, actually but I forgot about it. So, here it is. So, the second book starts out with an air of suspense, as Mr. Benedict has arranged an adventure for the four children, but once they leave, an urgent telegram comes from Rhonda. STOP CHILDREN STOP DO NOT COME STOP DANGEROUS STOP. The children embark on a dangerous journey to save Mr. Benedict and Number Two.

I thought this book was great. Not exceptionally good, like the first one but a worthy sequel. There are some great cliff hangers. I found the characters to be even zanier. Madge is a good character, Mr. Curtain is madder than ever, Mr. Benedict cleverer than ever and Sticky, Reynie, Kate and Constance snoopier than ever. When you finish this book, there is a book 3 and 4, also there is a Mr. Benedict’s Book of Trivia, I haven’t had the time to find that yet…..

So enjoy!! And hopefully I will write about book 3 soon!!

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Shout out

Hi, everyone. I just wanted to ask if anyone has read a great book lately and wants it featured on here, I have run out of books to read….. and I do not like that one bit. I love to read…… So, Shout out to all of you, PLEASE Leave a comment with book titles!!! If I do feature one of your suggestions I will of course give you credit. So, do leave a comment!

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Bluestar’s Prophecy

Well, this is another Warriors book. Oh, before I write about the actual book I must mention that the night I read it, I dreamed that I was a cat in the book. It was so incredibly weird!!! So, if anyone has anything to say about that……

Okay, back to the book. So, if you have read any Warriors books or know at least something about the Warriors books, you should know who Bluestar is. (For those of you who have not had the opportunity to read these, she is a leader of a group of cats.) This book pretty much tells Bluestar’s life story, it is very well written. It is a sort of prelude to the first Warriors book, it tells all the things that happened before the first book. (I wrote about the first book a while back, for the review go to my quick links page)

The sad part about this book is a lot of people die. Oh, I suppose they are not people they are cats, ha. Otherwise it is really good. I got it during the school day and I kept sticking my nose in it all day. Yes, it really was that good. I am reading it for the third time before I have to give it back……..

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Spooky good reads!!!

I think you all love books, because you are visiting this website. So, I wanted to share with you all an amazing blog,Jeyna Grace ©. She writes fanfictions and publishes a new one every Thursday. Her stories are so amazing, and because of the feedback on this blog I think you will like them too. Especially all you HP fanatics out there, for some spooky good reads this Halloween head over to her site, it is:

Just copy and paste into your browser.

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Bart’s King-sized book of FUN!!!!

I was at the library the other day, so I checked out a ton more books, and one of the ones that I checked out was Bart’s King-sized book of FUN!! I had flipped through it at the library, but I really started reading it with my friend at gymnastics. We were on like, the fifth page and we just started LAUGHING!!!!! SO HILARIOUS!!!! This guy who wrote the book is just like me. Totally random. He has two chapters devoted to weird holidays and pirates. ?????

I want to put an excerpt in this review SOOO badly but I just put a excerpt in “Airman”, so I can’t. I’ll put one of the bad humor jokes I found in there though. Bad humor is apparently things that are kind of sad but you laugh at them anyways. Heh.  And an “I betcha”, too.

Okay. Here’s the bad humor joke. Three hunters were hunting one day when they saw some tracks. “Wow!” said the first. “Deer tracks!”    “No,” said the second, “those are bear tracks.”     “You’re both wrong,” said the third hunter. “Those are fox tracks.” They were still arguing when the train hit them.

And here is the I betcha. Tell your friend that he/she is too smart to answer four questions wrong. They probably will want to prove you wrong, that they can too answer four questions wrong. Now ask them, What is your mom’s first name? they will probably give you the wrong answer. Now say, Good. What color is a black bear? Obviously, they will give you any color  except black. Now ask, How long does it take for Saturn to orbit the sun? Any answer is right, except for 29.46 earth years, which is the right answer. Now look slightly confused and say,That was the third question, right? Your friend will say yes. Now look triumphant and say, Ha! You answered it right  I tried this on my friend and it worked! Very satisfying results.

So, I urge you to find this somewhere.  If you have a funny bone, or have had one, or soon will, check it out. Now, I need to go to Barnes and Noble and see if they have it there.

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I actually checked out this book on a whim. I have been putting off reading it because the cover is kind of creepy(to me) but I was sick and I was like, Oh whatever I’m gonna read it anyways. So I read it. And it was surprisingly GOOD! This is by Eoin Colfer (man, I hope I spelled that right :))and from what I know he has written some other books as well, including the Artemis Fowl series. This book is about a boy and he is wrongly accused of being a traitor to the small island, off the coast of Ireland, and sent to the inhumane diamond mine. In a nutshell. It’s a little confusing, but I was reading kind of fast because I wanted to know what happened next, so it may be me.

Here’s an excerpt.

Billtoe lay on his back, wheezing and gasping, when suddenly the clouds parted, letting a silver guinea moon shine through. When Billtoe recovered his wind, his lips spread in a plug-stained smile, because finally, after so many years, he could make out the man in the moon that everyone prattled on about. Must have been the angle, because before this moment, he had never been able to see anything but smudges. I can see the face now, for the first time. And I get to cut out a prisoner’s tongue. Happy day. Then, through the gap in the clouds, came some kind of figure. A man with wings. Flying. This kind of event was so strange, so impossible, that Billtoe was not even surprised initially. A man with the wings of a bird, An angel in black.

Anyways, this book is deliciously good, and sort of scary.

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