Dive—the trilogy by Gordon Korman

Okay–before I start writing I just want to say that there are so many people reading this blog now and leaving comments! 🙂 So I just wanted to say thank you!!!

Okay. This book, I didn’t just find it in the library, actually I saw my friend reading it at school and I was like, Oh, hey that looks like a pretty good book. And the good thing was that I was going to the library that afternoon, so I checked all 3 books out. (you should see me at the library…..I often have at least 20 books!!! :)) And I started reading on my way home, and I was instantly unable to put the books down. Korman knows how to write an amazing, deep sea thriller. I was riveted. When I finished the next day, I was sad there weren’t any books left. The 3 books are roughly 200-300 pages each, so if you put them together it is roughly the size of a Harry Potter book. They are about four teens who are selected for a diving company internship over the summer. While they are there they realize that there is something fishy going on and they band together to find out what’s going on. Along with eccentric side characters and treasure, it’s sure to make you want more.


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Tomte is a nerdy teenager who loves reading, writing, blogging, and fun, although not necessarily in that order.
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