the mysterious benedict society

this book was SUPER, SUPER good!!!! i got it from my teacher’s book collection, and i was thinking, oh this looks like an ok book so i’ll read it. and then I just couldn’t stop reading. I highly reccomend this book definitely to people who liked the Giver, Harry Potter, Belly up, Warriors or any sort of mystery. I was actually really sad when I got to the end because I was like, ‘oh man there aren’t any more books and that makes me really sad’ but when I looked at the library I found out that there will be a fourth and the second and third books are out already!!!!!yay!!!!!!! Since this is totally the best book I have read all school year (i know that isn’t saying much but i don’t care) I am giving it a four star review!!!!! yay!!!


About tomte

Tomte is a nerdy teenager who loves reading, writing, blogging, and fun, although not necessarily in that order.
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