Mockingjay (the third book in the Hunger Games series)

by Suzanne Collins

i loved this book it was so AWESOME!! !!!!! I think this trilogy gets better every book! ITS SO GOOD!!!!!! Also a lot of people die including SPOILER ALERT!!! Prim, Finnick and Boggs. It is so good but SO sad at the same time!!! anyways personally this is my favorite right now. Its at the library so you can check it out if you are dying to read it like I was. In short I thought this was a really good piece of literature. I was up kinda late reading it because I just couldn’t stop reading. SO good!!! Now I know I am reap-eating that it is SOOO good and blah blah blah but it is!!!!!! Oh, by the way if you read the book have you noticed that in the epilouge it never mentions the kids names??? I would call them Olivia and Georgie. What would you name them????????


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One Response to Mockingjay

  1. shonti says:

    i would name them prim and eddie
    i also wish finnick and prim didnt die

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